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‘Pokémon Stars’ may have been teased with new line of merchandise

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It has only been about six months since the launch of the 3DS-exclusive Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, but new merchandise from the Pokémon Company suggests that a new game could be on its way, with the adorable and mysterious creature Cosmog as the star.

The new line of merchandise features a number of Cosmog-centric items, including a pillow, backpack, scrunchie, and drawstring back. All of them have the line, “Look upon the stars” integrated into the image in some way. The drawstring bag also features a picture of Pikachu looking through a telescope while surrounded by twinkling stars.

Given the interdimensional weirdness and emphasis on the cosmos already present in Sun and Moon, this normally wouldn’t attract significant attention. However, back in November, a report claimed that a Nintendo Switch version of the aforementioned games, enhancing them in a similar manner to Pokémon Crystal or Emerald, would be arriving by the end of 2017. The same report also said that an HD model of the character “Pikipek” shown off during a teaser was actually for Stars. Eurogamer also said back in November that monsters would be tradeable between the 3DS and Switch thanks to the games’ Pokémon Bank feature, and, as expected, Stars would include Pokémon not seen in the earlier 3DS games.

Though Nintendo hasn’t stopped supporting the 3DS yet — this month’s Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valientia is exclusive to the handheld — it has already shown some signs that it intends to combine its game development with the Switch before transitioning away from it. The upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors will release on both platforms, while next year’s full-fledged Fire Emblem sequel will only release on the Switch.

Are you ready to play Pokémon on the Nintendo Switch? This would be the first time players will be able to experience a full Pokémon game on a home console — though the Super Game Boy and Game Boy Player peripherals technically made it possible in the past.

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