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'Prey' looks better on PS4 Pro now, but suffers from new performance issues

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In our review, we called Prey a “master class in immersive simulation,” and said it could be Arkane Studios’ “breakout title for this generation of consoles.”

While this is still true nearly a month after launch, some PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro players have had a rough go at it, from long load times to delayed input recognition. The latest patch, version 1.04, added dedicated PS4 Pro support to improve visuals, but it seems as if the patch is a mixed bag, that makes the game run worse on both PS4 Pro and PS4.

As reported by Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry, Prey‘s visual quality noticeably improved on PS4 Pro with the new patch, but the resolution still tops out at 1080p. Although dynamic shadows and screen-space reflection support have technically improved the resolution, Eurogamer reported that the pop-in effect from these elements is noticeable, and could be annoying for some users. Overall, Prey‘s visual presentation on PS4 Pro, from lighting to clearer textures, improved with patch 1.04. However, the improved visuals cannot be properly enjoyed in the game’s current state.

Previously, the biggest detriment for PS4 and PS4 Pro users was input latency. While the latest patch fixed that issue, a lesser-known problem from an earlier patch cropped up in a big way. On both PS4 Pro and PS4, the game frequently stutters when in motion, hampering Prey‘s playability on both consoles. In effect, the stuttering makes Prey appear as if it is running at a lower framerate on both PS4 and PS4 Pro. Torn frames are also present in every scene, according to Digital Foundry.

While it’s not definitive that the stuttering is related to the fixed input controls, it’s rather ironic that instead of delayed responses to player input, actions occur instantaneously, but inside a stuttering game world.

We booted up Prey on PS4 with the latest patch, and sure enough, we experienced performance dips and slowdowns.

In addition to the decreased playability, the latest patch introduced an odd bug. When you exit your inventory screen, your “field of view reduces” — a strange occurrence that doesn’t correct itself until you enter a new area of the map. According to Eurogamer, the bug is present in not only the PS4 and PS4 Pro versions, but also on Xbox One.

Arkane Studios hasn’t yet responded to new issues created by patch 1.04, but it’s safe to say that some tinkering needs to be done to get Prey where it needs to be on PlayStation consoles and, to a lesser extent, Xbox One.

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