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The next game from the Outriders studio loses Take-Two as its publisher

Outriders developer People Can Fly and publisher Take-Two Interactive have parted ways with each other on Project Dagger, a new action-adventure game. The game has been in development for the past two years. People Can Fly will also retain the rights to Project Dagger and will continue working on it. Whether the game will find another publisher or be self-published is up in the air right now.

“I assume we will part on good terms, and I don’t see reasons why we couldn’t work with Take-Two on some other project in the future,” says People Can Fly Ceo Sebastian Wojciechowski in a statement.

“We strongly believe in Project Dagger’s potential and are now committed to continue its development within our self-publishing pipeline. The game is still in pre-production — our team is now focusing on closing combat and game loops and migrating from UE4 to UE5,” he continues. “I’m conscious that this decision will add investments on us, but self-publishing is part of our strategy. Of course, we are not ruling out working with a new publisher if this creates a compelling business opportunity.”

People Can Fly is working on seven other projects, including Gemini, which is being published by Square Enix, just like Outriders was, as well as Projects Bifrost and Victoria, which will be self-published. The studio is also working on two virtual reality projects, one called Green Hell VR and a currently unnamed project based on an existing IP in its portfolio. Another game titled Project Red is still in the concept phase.

People Can Fly most recently released the Worldslayer expansion for Outriders this past April and the game is currently available on Xbox Game Pass.

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