Rainbow Six Siege Collector’s Edition is super, ridiculously tactical

ubisoft no compulsory dlc rainbowsixsiegehat

The Rainbow Six series has always been notorious for its high level of difficulty, requiring players to use their wits and careful planning to make it through each mission. All signs point to Rainbow Six Siege continuing this tradition, and if you decide to upgrade to the Collector’s Edition of the game, you just might end up being the most tactical kid in school.

While a previous limited edition of Rainbow Six Siege was revealed for other regions, this Collector’s Edition is the only one currently planned for a North American release, and it’s only available through the Uplay shop.

Retailing for $150, the Collector’s Edition includes a steelbook case, the DLC season pass, a 120-page “Art of the Siege” guide, a carabiner containing a compass and a bottle opener, a snapback CTU Operators hat (for all you pop-punk counter-terrorists out there), and an Operator Backpack, which includes a “padded laptop pocket” and seven Velcro badges to place on the outside. And about that whole “most tactical kid in school” thing: there’s a picture of a gun on the outside of the backpack, so you might want to save it for camping trips if you don’t want to give teachers the wrong idea.

If you opt to spend your money on extra in-game accessories, the Gold Edition of Rainbow Six Siege includes the season pass as well as the “leopard weapons skin pack,” and pre-ordering the game will also net you another skin pack — gold for physical pre-orders and tiger for digital ones.

This is hardly the first time Ubisoft has offered an extravagant edition of its high-profile games. Last year’s Watch Dogs limited edition featured a PVC statue and a vigilante mask, and 2013’s Splinter Cell Blacklist had a $170 version that included a remote-controlled airplane … unfortunately, it’s in two pieces in my basement, and no amount of super glue will ever make it whole again.