Ready at Dawn’s new ‘Deformers’ is its most joyful game yet

Deformers Ready at Dawn

If you thought video game studio Ready at Dawn’s next game would be a follow-up to the PlayStation 4 exclusive The Order: 1886, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Instead Ready at Dawn has announced Deformers, a new game that has a lot more rolling than it does shooting.

Deformers is a third-person multiplayer arena fighter in which eight people duke it out to see who will be the last blob standing. Players can shoot, tackle, and throw opponents off stage in a Twisted Metal-meets-Super Smash Bros. free-for-all. As players are knocked out, they’ll leave bits of goo called tribs. Those can be used to increase your size, replenish your health, and resupply your ammo. Much like the Smash Ball in Super Smash Bros. the game will drop random power-ups, ones that cause massive amounts of destruction.

As reported by Polygon, Ready at Dawn co-founder and CEO Ru Weerasuriya said during the game’s unveiling, “it might not be what you expect out of our studio.” That’s putting it lightly.

“I think that’s been the first reaction for everybody who’s laid their eyes on this game,” Weerasuriya added. Considering the studios’ pedigree, it’s definitely something different.

For Ready at Dawn, Deformers started off as a small side project. The team was experimenting with a new physics engine, but soon found a large team dedicating a lot of time to what would become Deformers. Currently 25 people are working on the game. As for the rest of the staff,  that remains to be unknown.

The studio aims to make Deformers as easy as possible to pick up and play. It seems to be working, because according to Weerasuriya, testers would stay late to play.

Ready at Dawn is planning on giving the game a full multiplayer suite. That means online and local split-screen play. It’s also being published by GameTrust, the publishing subsidiary of GameStop. There isn’t a release date set for Deformers, but it will be coming out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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