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Rock Band 4’s bugs to get ironed out in November title update

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Developer Harmonix will address fan requests and fix lingering bugs with its next major Rock Band 4 update, which is set to launch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November.

The patch seeks to eliminate a number of issues reported by early adopters of the recently released series revival, and will fix compatibility quirks with legacy instrument peripherals.

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Notably, next month’s patch will allow players to swap in custom-designed bandmates when playing solo or in a partial group. Currently, Rock Band 4 automatically assigns pre-made characters when additional bandmates are needed, disrupting groups with established lineups.

After applying next month’s update, players will be able to assign stand-ins for all play sessions, picking from a pool consisting of pre-fab character models and custom-made bandmates. Subsequent gigs will automatically fill out incomplete bands with previously assigned stand-ins.

Other new features hitting Rock Band 4 in November include 5.1 surround sound for crowd ambience and adjustable mic volume. The PlayStation 4 will additionally receive its own set of platform-exclusive fixes, including support for streaming audio and mapping vocal overdrive deployment to the DualShock 4’s touchpad.

Harmonix also has several minor adjustments in store for the next update, ranging from text display tweaks to fixes for reported crash bugs. The patch will additionally fix issues affecting vocal scoring, guitar solo achievements, and player facial expressions.

If you’ve run into trouble with Rock Band 4‘s Tour Mode, next month’s patch should ease your woes. Specifically, the update will fix empty cities and blocked progression, along with character previews. And if you’re still rocking out with legacy instruments, the update will ensure a more seamless experience with fixes for Guitar Hero-branded peripherals and The Beatles: Rock Band guitars.

Rock Band 4‘s title update will launch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 2nd. Another comprehensive update adding support for Rock Band 3‘s tracklist will premiere on December 8th.

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