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'Rock Band VR' setlist includes tracks by Aerosmith, Oasis, The Black Keys

How to Play Rock Band VR
Harmonix has revealed solid chunk of the setlist for Rock Band VR, the first VR experience for the iconic music franchise. The tunes range from 80s rock to contemporary pop rock hits, and represent 21 of the game’s 60 tracks. Here’s the rundown:

  • Aerosmith — Walk This Way
  • Against The Current — Running With the Wild Things
  • Alice In Chains — Man in the Box
  • Arctic Horror — Black Seas
  • AudioDamn! — Lights Out
  • Avenged Sevenfold — Beast and the Harlot
  • Basement – Promise Everything
  • The Black Keys – Gold on the Ceiling
  • Bon Jovi – Livin’ on a Prayer
  • DragonForce – Through the Fire And Flames
  • Foo Fighters — Everlong
  • Ghost — Cirice
  • Joan Jett and the Blackhearts — Bad Reputation
  • The Killers — When You Were Young
  • Megadeth — Hangar 18
  • Oasis — Champagne Supernova
  • OneRepublic — Counting Stars
  • Paramore — Ain’t It Fun
  • The Shelters — Rebel Heart
  • Spirit Kid — To My Romeo
  • Van Halen — Panama

Harmonix also claimed that some of the above songs will be available as DLC for Rock Band 4 at a later date. Guitar Hero and Rock Band veterans probably recall Through the Fire and Flames, the devastatingly challenging song appearing in both Guitar Hero III and Rock Band 3.

Along with the tracks announcement, creative lead Greg LoPiccolo provided a wealth of information on how Rock Band VR will be played on Oculus Rift. A gameplay trailer can be viewed above. Before now, we knew that Rock Band VR would be available as a stand-alone game, or with a bundled PS4 or Xbox One guitar, for those who don’t already have a guitar. Even though users will shred with familiar equipment, don’t expect a similar experience to its console counterparts.

Rock Band VR asks players to stare at one spot on the screen, “the note chart,” instead of rocking out on stage. One significant difference with the core gameplay is that if you miss a note, the music won’t mute because of it. Players are also capable of delineating from the sheet music, so if you want to add an early solo to Champagne Supernova, it sounds as if you can do that.

There’s three difficulty levels, each of which shake up the play style, rather than just increasing pace. Rock Star mode uses Chord Shapes, from single notes to bar chords to power chords and more, to make the experience more. Virtuoso mode adds another layer of complexity with Chord Follows, which task you with shifting from one chord to the next in a fluid transition. Monster mode, the game’s hardest difficulty, removes the guiding marks on screen, forcing you to really feel the music to succeed.

Rock Band VR launches exclusively for Oculus Rift March 21.

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