Rockstar is hard at work fixing GTA Online account transfer problems

rockstar hard work fixing gta online account transfer problems heavy shotgun

Some fans who had not logged into GTA Online since 2013 were troubled to find that they were unable to transfer their account to the new PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions as promised. Rockstar Games is working hard to address the problem as quickly as possible, per updates on its support page.

Gamers that haven’t played in 2014 were greeted with “No previous Grand theft Auto Online data is associated with your Social Club account” when they tried to get back into the game with the new version. Rockstar subsequently released a patch for PlayStation 3 and PS4 users today, and will do so for Xbox consoles tomorrow. Until then PS4 and XB1 users can still log in to GTA Online, but cannot yet transfer old characters.

Stay tuned to Rockstar’s support page for regular updates on the progress in fixing the error.