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'Max Payne' studio's new teaser for a trailer hints at Nintendo port

The Greatest Trailer of All Time
In what comes across as something of a parody of the way many games and movies are teased before they’re trailered these days, Remedy Entertainment has filled its teaser for a trailer with its creative director. Beyond seeing the man himself (what was his name again?) in various locations, all we really have to go on is some curious closing music.

Remedy Entertainment is the company that gave us the first two Max Payne games, Alan Wake and most recently Quantum Break, so we know it’s used to breaking molds. Guessing that the new game will do something similar is about all we can say about it, since the teaser trailer tells us absolutely nothing.

It’s a short, 20-second video in which the creative director at Remedy (and inspiration for Max Payne’s face), Sam Lake, repeatedly introduces himself in several short clips, as well as briefly flashing up his Twitter handle. None of that really tells us anything about the new game that he’s supposedly working on, but the closing music over black at the end sounds very much like the Wii store.

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Could that mean we’ll see whatever game Remedy is working on the Switch when it debuts in March next year?

Lake’s Twitter doesn’t give us much in the way of hints about the game either, as his latest tweets are merely talking about the seasons taking part in some sort of annual murder mystery with one another, and a brief link to his brother’s art page.

What we do know is that Remedy has been working on a couple of new AAA projects for a while now. Polygon confirmed this earlier in the year and discovered that one of the projects was Crossfire 2, a Korean shooter for which Remedy is providing the story.

Presumably the other title is what’s being teased here. Fortunately we may not have long to wait to find out more, as Remedy previously stated it wanted to reduce the time between game announcements and release.

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