Save Winston Churchill in Sniper Elite 3’s DLC campaign

save churchill sniper elite 3s dlc campaign 3 2
A three-part campaign, centered around protecting Winston Churchill from a German assassination attempt in the lead-up to the Casablanca Conference, makes up the heart of a new DLC announcement for Sniper Elite 3, from Rebellion Developments. The downloadable content will be released over the course of the summer, with details in the video below.

This new single player campaign takes players back to the main game’s Siwa Oasis map for part one, though it will be set at night, and the city has been bombed out to give it a different feel from the previous Siwa Oasis mission (which served as Sniper Elite 3‘s lengthy tutorial). In the parts to follow, players will investigate a secret weapons facility and do battle in the ruins of an ancient coliseum, the largest environment ever created for a Sniper Elite game. There will also be new weapons and unit types introduced over the three-part campaign.

In addition to the add-on single player campaign, there will also be new multiplayer maps, made available as free downloads. The first map to be released is Airfield, which will look familiar to players of the single-player campaign. This version of Airfield has taken some damage, however, with blown out hangars, plane wreckage, and flanking routes underneath the airfield.

The new multiplayer map is the first in a series of free maps to be released this summer. New locations include a “tropical” map featuring dense foliage, a “high-altitude” map with three spires separated by a dried-up riverbed, and a “ruinous battlefield” set close to the coastline.

The first part of the Sniper Elite 3: Save Churchill DLC is available now on Steam for $6.99, and will be coming soon to consoles. We recently reviewed Sniper Elite 3; check out our thoughts on this surprisingly solid game here.

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