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The Scuf Impact premium controller is as 'elite' as it gets on PS4

SCUF IMPACT Controller for PlayStation 4 & PC | Custom Order Now!
If the Dualshock 4 isn’t doing it for you, a pair of high-end PlayStation 4 controllers from Scuf were announced on Wednesday. The Scuf Impact starts at $140, with while the Scuf Infinity Pro begins at $130.

Each controller features military-grade textured grips to help thwart loose grips after long hours of gaming. The notable difference between the two is that the Impact, a tad bit wider, supports four removable paddles to the Infinity Pro’s two. The paddles’ recessed design is new to both lines. The Infinity Pro is the successor to Scuf’s popular Infinity line and features updated switch and circuit board technology for more refined controls. Both controllers have new trigger system which makes trigger inputs quicker on the draw and reduces latency. Additionally, the controllers come with both trigger covers and extenders.

The paddles, which connect to the controller and rest along its back side, are often seen as the biggest draw for high-end controllers, as they can give ‘serious gamers’ greater control over multiplayer games on consoles. The paddles are said to be more durable than previous Scuf paddles, but they also come with a one-year warranty. With Scuf’s electromagnetic mapping feature (which adds an additional $15 to the price), users can quickly remap back paddle buttons to standard controller inputs.

The Impact and Infinity Pro are each available in a variety of colors and designs — you can customize your analog stick preference upon purchase. For the Pro, there are short domed, long domed, short concave, and long concave analog sticks. The Impact has all of these options plus one that mirrors the Dualshock 4’s sticks. The sticks can be swapped out quickly with the Scuf ring and lock system, provided you purchase additional sticks.

Each of the new lines is compatible with a PC and supports both wireless action viaBluetoothh or wired through Micro USB on both platforms.

Both the Infinity Pro and Impact lines are available now. A large portion of Scuf Infinity designs come as Infinity Pros. As for Scuf Impact, you can check out the myriad of designs here. Keep in mind, that the starting prices can balloon if you pick one of the more high-end esport models.

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