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Silent and deadly, Wraith is Evolve’s ninja monster

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Wraith is the third playable monster in Turtle Rock Studios’ upcoming Evolve, revealed recently in an extensive post on the developer’s website.

Unlike the hulking damage-sponge Goliath or the lighting-throwing Kraken, Wraith is all about stealth and deception. Her health and armor are much more limited than either of the other revealed monsters, so survival means cleverly using her abilities to outsmart the hunters, rather than just diving into the fray and causing havoc. Accordingly, the developer describes Wraith as a character with a high skill cap, only recommended to players who mastered the basics with Goliath and Kraken.

Empowered with Warp Blast and Abduction abilities, Wraith makes up for her low damage threshold with extreme mobility. Warp Blast allows her to instantly teleport, creating a damaging explosion at the target. Abduction lets her warp across long distances, steal a hunter, and bring them right back to her original location, allowing for an easier kill against an isolated target. Decoy spawns a clone of Wraith to attack targets and distract hunters while the real Wraith turns invisible to slip away to safety or sneak around for a devastating ambush. Lastly, Supernova creates a large arena in which Wraith becomes a super-charged murder machine, with scythe-like claws tearing up anyone in her path.

Turtle Rock’s Chris Ashton explains a bit more about how Wraith’s powers can be creatively combined to make up for being a softer target. Decoy can be used for escaping to safety, but it can also allow the invisible Wraith to feast on wildlife, regaining armor while the hunters chase around her doppelgänger. Wraith loses her amped-up power outside of the Supernova radius, encouraging hunters to jetpack away at the first opportunity. Abduction serves as a great counter, yanking the hunters back in to the crucible.

If you want to check out Wraith in action, Turtle Rock shared this extensive demo match with commentary to show off her stealthy moves:

Evolve launches on PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One on February 10, 2015. Xbox One players can get an exclusive, early taste with the recently-confirmed open beta, running from January 15 to 19.

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