Steam’s Greenlight adds 20-plus new games

Giana Sisters

In case you haven’t been paying attention over the past few months, Valve Software recently added an additional facet to its Steam online gaming service. Dubbed “Greenlight,” the program allows Steam users to vote on relatively small-budget titles that are hoping to earn worldwide distribution through Steam. Those games that earn enough votes will effectively be given a free distribution deal through Valve’s service, sidestepping a huge, costly part of the ordeal game developers must go through to get their titles out to the general public.

“Greenlight allows developers and publishers to post information and media about their game in an effort to convince Community members that their game should be released on Steam,” as Valve puts it.

Initially, Valve planned to announce Greenlight titles 10 at a time (as demonstrated by the September list), but as you’ve probably gathered from that headline the number had to be increased for this latest batch. “Given the number and quality of games submitted, and the ship date of many of the top-ranking titles, the decision was made to increase the size of this group,” Valve claims, without making any indication of how many titles might be included in future Greenlight announcements.

Anyway, you’re here to read about the upcoming games. Have a look:

Afterfall InSanity Extended Edition





Folk Tale


Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (Project Giana) [pictured above]


Interstellar Marines

Lost Story: The Last Days of Earth


Miner Wars 2081


Octodad: Dadliest Catch



Secrets of Grindea

The Intruder

The Stanley Parable: HD Remix


Full descriptions of each of these games can be found by visiting the Greenlight section on Steam. As Valve’s official press release points out, these titles will come available on Steam over the course of the next few months. They’re currently in various stages of development, so this is less of a notification of what you can now see on Steam, and more of a “please keep your eyes peeled for these things in the near future.”

As per usual, pricing and availability details on each of these games is up in the air, likely until an official announcement is made regarding when they might officially appear on Steam.

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