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'Super Stardust Ultra' and 'Hustle Kings' are getting the PlayStation VR treatment

PlayStation VR looks like it will have no shortage of software support, with the atmospheric puzzler Statik and shooter RIGS among the most impressive games shown off thus far, but if you’re interested in playing some of your PlayStation 4 favorites in a new way, Sony has good, if unexpected, news: Super Stardust Ultra and Hustle Kings are getting the PlayStation VR treatment.

While it might not be the most breathtaking use of VR technology, Hustle Kings VR looks like it will better replicate the feeling of playing pool than the traditional PlayStation 4 title. You’re free to still use the standard DualShock 4 controller as you make your way around the virtual table and line up the perfect shot, but dual PlayStation Move controllers, provided they work properly, should be a natural fit.

“For the very first time you can look around the pool table and work out your angles just like you would in real life,” says senior producer John McLaughlin.

Super Stardust Ultra VR, however, is the more impressive of the two announcements. Frankly, it doesn’t even look like the same game. Moving the traditionally top-down shooter to a more VR-friendly first-person perspective creates a sense of scale and classic science fiction flavor that wasn’t possible without the headset.

A new “Invasion Zone” mode was created specifically for the updated game, with aiming controlled by moving your head, but all other modes from the original game will include VR functionality, as well.

No release date has been given for Super Stardust Ultra VR or Hustle Kings VR, but we expect to see them arrive fairly close to the hardware’s launch in October.

What other PlayStation games would you like to receive the VR treatment? Killzone: Shadow Fall seem like an obvious choice, but we’d love to see Housemarque’s Dead Nation or Resogun make the jump; the studio’s knack for simple, clean level design and fast-paced action isn’t just limited to the Super Stardust series.

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