Take a deeper dive into The Dark Below, Destiny’s upcoming expansion

take deeper dive dark destinys upcoming expansion below destiny eris

We already got a first look at Destiny‘s first expansion, The Dark Below, when the opening cinematic leaked, and now Game Informer has shared a behind-the-scenes video that provides more information and shows off a bit of gameplay.

The Dark Below introduces three new maps to the competitive play in Crucible. Pantheon is the first symmetrical map in Destiny, with three lanes through which to channel your furious gunplay. Skyshock is divided into discrete areas that favor vehicles and infantry, respectively. Finally, The Cauldron is a tight arena with distinct areas that makes it a great map for small team rumbles.

The expansion also adds a host of new exotic weapons and armor to customize your play style. The trailer shows off some fast and vicious swordplay among other new gear in action. Many of these come from Eris Morn, a new vendor in the Tower and the main quest giver of the expansion’s content. Eris was once part of a group of Guardians that sought to destroy the Hive entity Crota, but failed and spent years hiding in the tunnels beneath the Moon’s surface, awaiting her chance for revenge.

Learn more by watching the trailer over at Game Informer, or go to Planet Destiny for an itemized collection of screen shots and details. The Dark Below comes to all platforms for Destiny on December 9. The expansion is available by itself or as part of the Season Pass.