Delve into The Dark Below with the opening cinematic for Destiny’s first add-on

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Someone leaked the opening cinematic for The Dark Below, the first downloadable content expansion for Bungie’s massively multiplayer shooter Destiny, which comes out on December 9. In the video you meet Eris, a central figure of the new expansion and the quest-giver for the new story content.

Eris is the sole survivor of an expedition into the Moon’s Hellmouth, where they encountered a Hive entity named Crota, the big bad of The Dark Below. The main story is divided into three quests: “The Dark Below” introduces you to Eris and lets you prove your worth to her. “Ritual of Sacrifice” brings you down into the Hellmouth and its sacrificial chambers. Finally, “Fist of Crota” brings you face to face with the potential threat to Earth that is gathering power deep beneath the Moon’s surface.

The expansion also has a variety of bounties, a new Strikes, exotic gear, and a new six-player raid, most of which centers again around Eris and the Hellmouth. The Dark Below arrives on December 9 for all platforms.