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Tekken 7 will launch on PC, developers show off 4K gameplay on GTX 1080

Tekken is a PlayStation franchise through and through, having held up its end of the beat ’em up landscape on the various Sony systems for more than two decades, but it’s finally making the leap elsewhere early in 2017. When the latest iteration of the brawler, Tekken 7, makes its appearance on the PC, it will bring something new and pretty with it — support for 4K resolution.

Fighting games have always been a strong technological showcase of a system. Their focus on restricted environments, two main characters, and a pre-written list of potential moves and counters, means that they’re not the most resource intensive compared to something more open world and busy. That’s why Tekken 7 is proving a great choice to show off just how pretty 4K gaming can be.

While the gameplay shown in the video above is vintage Tekken, with the same sort of labored attacks and electricity – rather than blood – flowing from every strike, the environments and characters themselves seem very crisp, even when downscaled to 1080p. If you’re watching on a 4K screen, you’ll get a real taste of what it will look like when released.

There are various levels and fighters showcased in the video, giving us a taste of the different aspects of the game, though of course there will be plenty more to unlock in the game itself.

Details for what will change between versions of the game are a little thin right now. We don’t have a release date, nor minimum or recommended specifications, so it’s not clear what effect 4K resolution would have on frame rates — we would imagine a hefty GPU will be a real necessity.

Clearly working a partnership with Nvidia, Bandai Namco used a GTX 1080 to render the scenes shown in the video above. So if you’re sporting one of the new Pascal cards, you shouldn’t have any problem running it.

Currently, Tekken 7 is slated to hit PC sometime in early 2017.

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