The Angry Birds finally get a BlackBerry, as popular game lands on the PlayBook

Angry Birds BlackBerry PlayBookIt may seem as if Angry Birds is available on just about every platform known to man, however up until today they hadn’t made it on to Research in Motion’s BlackBerry devices. But before all you Curve, Bold and Torch owners go rushing off to the AppWorld, the Angry Birds have so far confined themselves to the PlayBook.

While this will upset legions of fans, those who do own the BlackBerry PlayBook will be pleased to discover it’s not just the original game that’s available, but all three titles. The first Angry Birds has all 288 levels of catapult fun, while Angry Birds Seasons contains 205 levels including the most recent Halloween update, although there’s no mention of this year’s Christmas-themed levels out now for other platforms.  Finally, there’s Angry Birds Rio, Rovio’s film tie-in which takes an ever-so slightly mixes up the standard formula.

All three games are priced at $4.99, which is more expensive than the HD versions for the Apple iPad, and considerably more than the free versions available for Android tablets. The PlayBook editions aren’t blighted by any in-game advertising though. A total of $15 may sound quite a lot for three mobile games, but with more than 600 levels to play through in total, there’s a lot of fun to be had.

The Angry Birds franchise celebrated its second birthday earlier this month, announcing the game had topped 500 million downloads, and a company valuation of more than $1 billion.

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