‘The Last Guardian’ sits quietly in a corner, waiting to be reintroduced

the last guardian sits quietly in a corner waiting to be reintroduced

The good news is that The Last Guardian continues to exist as something that Fumito Ueda is working on at SCE Japan Studio. The bad news? You’re not going to hear anything more concrete about it until Sony is ready to “reintroduce” the game.

“The team is still there in SCE Japan Studio, [Fumito] Ueda-san is still there, but we are still waiting for the time to reintroduce it,” Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida told Game Informer of the game’s current status. In the grand pantheon of Vaporware, The Last Guardian is quickly moving to overtake Half-Life 3. Or, as our own Ryan Fleming cleverly quipped, “[It] wouldn’t be a Tokyo Game Show without some Last Guardian news – or more precisely, some news about how there is no news on The Last Guardian.”

That’s exactly what we’re looking at today: an absence of news on The Last Guardian. Someone at Sony said those three words together in sequence though, and he coupled them with a vague promise of more details to come! That’s a big deal! Like it has been the other 594,376,235,298,375 times this has happened.

The real question is which game we’ll see first: The Last Guardian or Half-Life 3. Up until today, my money would have been on the former. But Valve’s SteamOS announcement – coupled with the promise of more details to come later in the week – gives Gordon Freeman’s long-awaited adventure a little bit of an edge – at least for now, until Valve trolls us all again.