Creepy Soviet sandbox The Tomorrow Children gets a beta in January

With so many “alternate history” games taking a very simple approach to a new timeline — usually where either the United States or the Soviet Union launches a nuclear missile at the other nation — Q-Games’ The Tomorrow Children is a breath of non-toxic air, and if you’re eager to get your hands on the eccentric life simulator, a beta will be launching next month.

Beginning on January 21, those who sign up via this link will be eligible for access to the beta for The Tomorrow Children, provided they are 18 or older and have a PSN account in either the United States or Canada. The beta will only run for three days, but it will give you a free extra costume in the final game, which will apparently be exclusive to beta users.

The Tomorrow Children got significant screen time at E3, but if you’re like me, the demonstrations raised more questions than answers. Director Dylan Cuthbert does his best to describe it in the beta announcement, calling it “an online social action adventure” where your goal is to piece together “lost DNA” in order to restore the human race following a failed experiment to unite humanity under one mind … actually, maybe that doesn’t make it any easier to understand.

If the name “Q-Games” rings a bell, it’s most likely because it’s the studio responsible for the PixelJunk series, featuring games like PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate and PixelJunk Monsters. The studio also helped with the excellent Star Fox 64 3D on the Nintendo 3DS, which featured some of the best smoke and explosion effects I’ve ever seen on a handheld system.

There’s no release date yet for The Tomorrow Children, but if you want to defeat the “Izverg” and save humanity, you might need to pick up a new system: the game is exclusive to PlayStation 4.

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