Titanfall: Free the Frontier trailer teases what a live action Titanfall would look like

titanfall free frontier trailer shows live action looks like the

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It turns out that this live action Titanfall trailer is draped so heavily with visual effects that it may as well be a video game. The trailer itself is for Titanfall: Free the Frontier, the mysterious future product of a collaboration between Respawn Entertainment and Canadian post-production house Playfight. The project was teased earlier this week at the newly launched website, YourTitanIsReady.com.

Many people seem to be under the impression that Free the Frontier will be some kind of series – Web-based or otherwise – but nothing’s been formally confirmed beyond the Respawn/Playfight partnership’s stated goal of creating original content “within the vast expanse of the Titanfall universe.” It’s entirely possible that the two teams are still talking over the exact form this project will take. The trailer is eye-catching, but it doesn’t offer any hints.