‘TowerFall Ascension’ climbs past Ouya for PC and PlayStation 4 releases

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TowerFall, also known as “the best reason to own an Ouya console,” is getting a makeover. TowerFall Ascension is coming to PC and PlayStation 4, as a new trailer on the game’s official website confirms. For those that are unfamiliar: TowerFall is a local multiplayer combat game in which players shoot a limited number of arrows at one another in an attempt to wipe everyone else out.

Ascension introduces a number of new features, though “online play” is notably not among the listed items. It may or may not be included, we just don’t know yet. The game will add 50 new versus levels, four more playable archers, a cooperative Quest mode for 12 players, six additional power-ups, as well as the ever-ambiguous promise of “and more.” The existence of 12-player co-op suggests that online play will factor in on some level, though TowerFall‘s ardent enthusiasts will no doubt be quick to point out that this is a game meant for parties.

You can read more about the game in this PlayStation Blog post from creator Matt Thorson. There’s no word on an exact release date yet, other than the planned 2014 launch on PC and PlayStation 4. Check out the debut trailer for TowerFall Ascension below.