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Try out two free days of Wii Sports Club, now with baseball and boxing

try two free days wii sports club now baseball boxing tennis

To celebrate the addition of Baseball and Boxing, Nintendo is offering a free trial for Wii Sports Club, the HD update to the original Wii’s bundled flagship game. Starting at 9pm ET on June 26 and running through the end of 2014, you can download and play all five sports (Baseball, Boxing, Golf, Bowling, and Tennis) at no cost for 48 hours after you activate the trial. This is in addition to the free 24 hours that all first-time players already get.

Wii Sports Club provides an HD makeover to the game that brought so many new gamers to Nintendo’s Wii. In addition to a visual upgrade and refined controls, Club adds training modes, social features, and online play.

After the trial runs out you can purchase a day pass for $2 or buy permanent access to each individual sport for $10. A retail bundle of all five sports at a discounted price will launch on July 25.

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