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Uber driver delights his passengers with backseat NES Mini Classic

uber nes mini ubernes
One Uber driver has figured out a way to not only keep his passengers entertained but leave them in a good enough mood to consider heftier tips and higher ride ratings: he added a NES Mini Classic to the backseat. Hooked up to a little flatscreen, it lets passengers enjoy everything from a quick game of Punch Out!! to dungeon delving in the original Legend of Zelda.

Although the NES Mini Classic has now been officially discontinued by Nintendo and has therefore shot up in price, this particular driver acquired his before that announcement. For other drivers, it could still be a worthwhile purchase, though, as netting high ratings is an important part of the job.

Originally spotted and pictured by Redditor okdiv, the miniature system is strapped to the center console in the Uber vehicle, topped by a tip box which seems likely to get a lot more usage thanks to the in-car entertainment.

As many commenters have pointed out, this sort of scenario seems quite apt for the NES Mini, not only because of the space-saving nature of such a miniature console, but because its 2.5-ft controller cables also seem well suited to such a compact setting. In comparison to living rooms where people might wish to sit back from the screen, in the case of backseat Uber gaming, you don’t have much choice but to sit up close.

Others also pointed out that this could be a fun way to pass the time for the driver himself. Even if hopping into the back seat isn’t exactly ideal, it could be a good distraction while waiting for a new fare. It could come in handy too if he’s one of the many Uber drivers who have been sleeping in their cars to save money.

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