‘The Walking Dead: Season Two’ launches ‘before Christmas’

walking dead season two launches christmas the  clementine photo

Telltale Games already confirmed that The Walking Dead: Season Two is set to kick off before the end of 2013, but a newly posted FAQ on the developer’s website confirms that episode one will be here “before Christmas.” Using our brilliant powers of deduction, we’ve managed to figure out that this means you’ll be able to play the beginning of a new Walking Dead story in no more than three weeks from now. Barring any setbacks, of course. This is games. Setbacks happen.

The FAQ also confirms that individual episode pricing won’t be an option on PC/Mac, meaning you’ll have to commit to buying the full set of five episodes. That shouldn’t be a problem for most; if you’ve come far enough to have played through the first season of  The Walking Dead, why would you want anything less than the entire second season? Telltale notes that “other game systems” will allow for individual episode purchases, but doesn’t offer specifics beyond that.

Pre-orders for the second season of The Walking Dead are open now on Steam and in Telltale Games’ online store. Those that nab a pre-order from the latter source will receive a “Collector’s Edition DVD” after episode five is out, gathering all of the season’s episodes onto one disc. Frame it. Use it as a frisbee. Gift it to a friend even. Everyone should play The Walking Dead, after all.

We’ve heard precious little about what’s in store for season two of Telltale’s series, and that’s okay. We know that Clementine is back, and she’s the star. We also know that there will be zombies. Probably lots of them. There’s one other detail as well, confirmed in Telltale’s most recently released screenshot. We won’t share it here, but if you absolutely have to know, you can find the new shot on the game’s official Facebook page.