WB Syncs ‘300’ PSP Game Launch with Movie

Warner Bros. Internactive Home Entertainment announced today it plans to ship its game based on the upcoming film 300: Road to Glory simultaneously wit the film’s theatrical release in 2007. The game is bein developed by Collision Studios, which has previously developed the strategy and adventure games Augustus and Napoleon.

According to Warner Bros, the feel and style of the PSP game is influencd by the highly-stylized film which is aiming to paint a mythic and somehwat surreal version of the epic ancient battle. (You can see what we mean via the movie’s production blog.) The film is based on Frank Miller and Lynne Varley’s graphic novel 300, which retells the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C., at which Spartan King Leonidas, 300 of his professional warriors, and some 700 volunteer Thespians brutally fought to the last man to hold up a massive Persian army lead by Xerxes.

“The 300 film based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel offers continual action and an intense storyline that lends itself to be a striking videogame,” said Jason Hall, Senior Vice President at Warner Bros. “With 300: March to Glory we are bringing the battles and story to life in an interactive way, which will challenge and satisfy players so they won’t be able to put their PSP system down.”

“We are working with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to ensure 300: March to Glory captures the look and action of the film while making it fun to play on the PSP system,” said Philippe Erwin, the game’s executive produer for Collision Studios. “The source material allows for great freedom in making a game where the player can be strategic and heroic.”

The player will take on the role of King Leonidas and participate in battles both on their own or as part of a Spartan phalanx. It’s not clear how the game’s outcome and ratings might fare. Leonidias was killed at Thermopylae, and the Persians decapitated and crucified his body before returning it to the Spartans. Fun-filled stuff.