The Last of Us Remastered adds photo mode, 30 FPS frame-lock

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Set for release on July 29, The Last of Us Remastered comes to PlayStation 4 with a significant level of added polish, promising to make one of the best games of 2013 even better in 2014.

Moving from PlayStation 3 to PS4 means right off the bat there is a jump in native resolution, from 720p to 1080p. For a game that already looks good, this increase in resolution means “the crisp new presentation banishes those nasty jaggies to the margins, while higher resolution environment textures adorn the lovingly crafted post-apocalyptic environments,” according to a new PlayStation Blog post.

The frame rate also gets a boost, with the remaster pushing for 60 frames per second. The default setting for the game will be to run at 60 FPS, but there will be the option to lock the FPS down at 30, which Eurogamer says “may indicate occasional drops below 60.” If that’s the case, the frame rate lock promises to “produce a more consistent experience” without judder or tearing. The speculation is based on previous games that included the 30 FPS frame-lock being unable to sustain a consistent 60 frames.

Aside from graphics, developer Naughty Dog will be including a photo mode, like the one seen in Infamous: Second Son, with a plan to include the ability for players to share their shots of the game’s amazing scenery. In addition to photo mode, the PS4 remaster also includes some controller-based updates, such as certain sounds playing through the DualShock 4’s speaker, the light bar flashing and changing color based on Joel’s health, and mapping the aim and shoot functions to L2 and R2 (previously L1 and R1 on the PS3).

The Last of Us Remastered will feature all single-player and multiplayer add-ons when it is released July 29 on PS4 for $50.