Infamous: Second Son adds Photo Mode for capturing homemade screenshots

infamous second son update adds photo mode capturing homemade screenshots ps4 1

The latest update for Sony’s PlayStation 4 exclusive, Infamous: Second Son, doesn’t just fix things, it adds a whole new feature. Photo Mode allows you to capture screenshots with a press of the L3 button – once you’ve turned it on in the game’s options menu.  Pressing L3 doesn’t just snap a photo; the game actually pauses and some light editing tools pop up, allowing you to tweak your capped image in a variety of ways.

Photo Mode only works when you’ve got full control of the camera; it’s not active during scripted sequences, such as cutscenes. The update also adds the ability to turn off Second Son‘s in-game HUD.

Other refinements include an option for setting a frame rate cap of 30fps, an auto-pause that activates if your controller runs out of batteries mid-game, and an assortment of other small fixes. You can find the full details in the new post on the PlayStation Blog. You can also take a peek at the new Photo Mode in action in the video below.