Wii Wi-Fi with Pokemon Battle Revolution

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Nintendo has announced its North American Wii and Nintendo DS game slate for the second quarter of 2007, and the list is highlighted by the news that Pokémon Battle Revolution (Japanese) will launch on the Wii on June 25. PBR has been available in Japan since late 2006, but its introduction to the North American market will mark the first time a game for Nintendo’s Wii console will leverage the Wi-Fi Connection capability integrated into the console: that means it’s also the first game to link the Wii with Nintendo’s handheld Nintendo DS game system, and the first Wii title which can be controlled using a Nintendo DS as a wireless controller.

In addition to being able to control the Wii from a DS handheld system, PBR players will be able to import characters from the upcoming Nintendo DS titles Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl.

Nintendo also plans to launch the first Mario title for the Wii, Super Paper Mario, on April 9, and May 28 will bring the multiplayer Mario Party 8 to the Wii. Nintendo also plans to bring the success of its brain-teaser games for the Nintendo DS to the Wii with the brain-training game Big Brain Academy, due to launch June 11. Nintendo also plans to release a final version of the Opera Web browser for the Wii on June 4, 2007.