This fan-made Witcher 3 gwent set will make you want to learn to play

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, like many role-playing and/or open-world games, has it’s own specially made card game called Gwent. It is an extremely complicated game, not made for the faint of heart or the easily distracted. Though I never played enough of it to decide whether or not it’s well designed, I can say that learning it would require enough time to warrant considering the game apart from the universe in which its embedded. That is why I’m not surprised that Witcher 3 players who fixated on the card game would consider playing it with real cards, against real players. Imgur user Waffleguru happens to be dating one of those Gwent lovers, so they made him a real-life Gwent set to be the envy of even the game’s developers at CD Projekt RED.

The self-proclaimed “ultimate” Gwent set includes more than 200 cards—with duplicates—representing all four in-game factions, plus neutral cards and a quick “cheat-sheet” explaining the game’s iconography. Each business card-sized playing card has been laminated and sports the set’s unique back design. The set includes a cloth that replicates the virtual Gwent board, deck boxes for each faction, a rule book, gem tokens and color-coded dials for keeping score. The whole package comes in a treasure chest with a leather handle for easy carrying.

This is not Waffleguru’s first gaming-themed art project. They also made a less functional, but equally cool ammo box full of custom-made Fallout-themed props, including an incredible “guide to the wasteland,” pill bottles full of Buffout and Rad-Away and “Grognak the Barbarian” comics made from old Conan comic books, but with custom covers and Fallout 4-themed ads.

You can check out the full set of images, complete with all of Waffleguru’s notes, on imgur.

(H/T Kotaku)