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Xbox to mark 20th anniversary with release of a transparent controller

The Xbox brand is turning 20 this year, and for anyone who feels ancient after having read that, the pain can be eased by a special controller marking the occasion. To celebrate 20 years of Xbox, Microsoft is releasing a special 20th-anniversary wireless Xbox controller, along with a matching stereo headset. Usually, these controllers aren’t anything special, but Microsoft decided to treat Xbox fans by giving both peripherals a transparent finish.

Inspired by our past, designed for your present.

Announcing the 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller and Xbox Stereo Headset: #Xbox20

— Xbox (@Xbox) October 7, 2021

According to a post on the Xbox Wire, both products will be available November 15, the same day the original Xbox was released 20 years ago. The 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller will cost $70, and while that price point indicates that it comes with some special features, it doesn’t. All but visually, it’s a standard wireless Xbox controller. Its body is transparent with a black finish, offering a retro-style view of its guts. Along with Xbox-green grips and a small Xbox 20th Anniversary logo on the bottom right of the body, the controller undoubtedly has a unique look.

As an added bonus, anyone who purchases an Xbox 20th anniversary wireless controller will unlock a dynamic theme for their Xbox Series X/S as soon as it’s connected.

While the Xbox 20th anniversary headset isn’t fully transparent, Microsoft still managed to work in a bit of that style. The headset itself also features Xbox’s signature green and black colors, but the plastic rims on the outside of each earcup are translucent in keeping with the theme. Like the controller, the Xbox 20th anniversary headset doesn’t boast any additional bells and whistles and will retail for $70.

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