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Cortana, meet Alexa: Buy an Xbox One from Amazon and get a free Echo Dot

If you’re looking to add some new technology to your living room in a hurry, Microsoft and Amazon have just the deal for you. Starting Friday, October 12, anyone who purchases an Xbox One bundle from Amazon will receive an Amazon Echo Dot device.

The deal applies to several different Xbox One X and Xbox One S bundles on Amazon’s website. You’ll get the console and the included game as you normally would, but you also have the option to choose an Echo Dot in either its charcoal or its sandstone color. The Echo Dot typically costs $50 on its own, making it about as valuable as another game getting thrown into the bundle — and its value won’t drop as quickly. However, the bundle is a little more expensive than those with just the game.

The new deal comes as Amazon and Microsoft continue to integrate the Cortana and Alexa assistants together. The Xbox One’s latest update has enabled the Xbox skill for the two assistants across the U.S., allowing them to communicate with each other and switch back and forth as needed. This way, you can ask Alexa to launch an Xbox One game, and the assistant can turn your console on and launch the game without you having to do anything else.

For those without Kinect or a headset, they can also use the Echo Dot to adjust the volume on their television, broadcast on Mixer, or even take screenshots during gameplay. You can also use Alexa and Cortana together on your Windows 10 PC to control things in your house before you arrive home, or on your Echo device to check your email or calendar, among other things.

Xbox One’s latest update also introduces more expressive and inclusive Avatars. In addition to more body types and support for those with disabilities, all Avatars can use the entire closet of clothing options. This includes clothing you’ve purchased for your old-style Avatar, and you can use that instead of the new one, if you prefer. Avatars show up across the system, including on your profile and leaderboards, and a new Avatar store is available for anyone looking to deck out their character in fresh gear. It will continue being updated every month.

Updated on October 11, 2018: Changed starting date to October 12 following a slight delay.

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