Google I/O 2019

Like Microsoft BUILD and Apple’s WWDC, I/O is Google’s premiere event for developers. Between May 7 and 9, thousands descended on the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, where Google held keynotes and developer sessions to talk about new technological advances, updates to its Android operating system, and plans for 2019. At Google I/O, we also learned what’s cooking for projects like Google Assistant, virtual and augmented reality, Stadia, and more. Here’s everything we saw at I/O — and our complete coverage.

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Home Theater

JBL’s Google Assistant-powered Link Bar now available for purchase

The JBL Link Bar is a soundbar that features built-in Google Assistant support as well as Android TV functionality, meaning it might be the only thing you need to plug into your TV.

Google Assistant finally gets a gesture shortcut in Android Q beta 5

Android Pie recently rolled out, but it's already time to look ahead to Android Q, the next version of Google's mobile OS. We've seen a number of rumors and leaks come out about the operating system, and now it's available for beta testing.

Mad U.K. retailer slashes 99% off Google Pixel 3a price for a few lucky buyers

The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are considered to be two of the best Android smartphones, but it looks like Google could be prepping a midrange line. Say hello to the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL.

Hands on with Android Auto’s redesign and Assistant’s driver mode

Google debuted a series of updates to its Android Auto software that will land in summer 2019. The new interface is darker and more intuitive to use, and requires less taps. There's also a driving mode coming to Google Assistant.

Android Q is standardizing navigation controls across all Android phones

Android Pie introduced a new gesture navigation system for using Android, but it also enabled other Android manufacturers to create their own navigation systems, fragmenting the experience. Android Q is standardizing it.

Android Q doubles down on privacy and gestures to fix past flaws

Android 10 Q is the next version of Google’s Android mobile operating system, and it brings numerous important changes, from improved privacy settings to on-device machine learning.

Google Assistant 2.0 isn’t just a minor evolution. It’s a game-changing upgrade

A new version of Google Assistant is coming to our smartphones, and it has the potential to change the way we use our devices. Voice control is about to become faster and equally as accurate as using a touchscreen.

Midrange, but worthy of protection: Here are the best Pixel 3a cases

If you're looking for a midrange phone with stock Android and an amazing camera, then the Pixel 3a is the phone to beat. The Pixel 3's younger cousin might only be $400, but you'll still want to keep it safe with a case.

Google I/O: Android Q will standardize navigation controls and add new gestures

Android Q will be locked to Google's navigation methods only, though the OS is getting a completely reworked gesture system. Also, Google revealed more about the highly anticipated Dark theme on Android Q.

Quindim, quiche, or quesito? What will Android Q be called?

We always like to wildly speculate about the next dessert-themed name for Android, but the letter Q is making that tougher than usual. Here are our best guesses and suggestions for the full name of Android Q.

Google and Qualcomm want to make more smart headphones with the Google Assistant

Google and Qualcomm have released a new development kit aimed at making it easier for manufacturers to add Google Assistant support to headphones and headsets. The development kit is now available.

Google finally releases an affordable phone worth buying

The Google Pixel 3a offers flagship features, including the best camera around, slick software, and an OLED screen for half the usual price. Has Google finally cracked hardware? This has the potential be a massive success.

Google’s Stadia plans to make launch woes a relic of gaming history

Launch problems have sunk numerous recent releases including Bioware's Anthem and Bethesda's Fallout 76. Google Stadia is positioning itself as the solution, but can it convince the world's biggest game developers?

Google I/O: There are big changes coming to Play Store reviews

Google plans to implement an updated approach to its Play Store reviews to focus on more recent and more relevant reviews that developers believe will better serve the public and provide a more accurate reflection of their apps.
Digital Trends Live

Digital Trends Live: Google I/O wrap-up, Lyft and Uber strike, and more

On this episode of DT Live, we discuss the Google I/O conference, the Lyft and Uber strike, Amazon’s New York Go store, Germany’s electric delivery truck highway, Japan’s successful rocket launch, and more.
Home Theater

Google is making it easier to add streaming video services to Android TV

With competition heating up between smart TV platforms from Amazon, Roku, and Apple, Google is helping Android TV users get more from the platform. It's going to reduce the number of steps needed to add new streaming video apps.

Google I/O: Android Q aims to bring app permissions firmly under control

We've all been there -- an app is asking for permission to access your SMS history, and you're extremely suspicious as to why. Google wants to put an end to permission anxiety and is introducing new controls in Android Q.

Here are the devices that can access the Android Q beta and how to get involved

The first beta for Google's next-generation mobile operating system, Android Q, is finally here -- and you can take part in it. Here's how to download and install the Android Q beta.