Take your next ski or snowboard trip with a Douchebag

douchebags make traveling ski gear breeze

Remember the days when suitcases only had handles, until one day somebody got the bright idea to put wheels on ’em and it kicked off the rolling luggage revolution? Well, somebody just took that same idea and applied it to ski and snowboard bags. The end result? Well..if you’re planning on heading out on any snowy adventures this winter, you should definitely get yourself a Douchebag.

The flagship product of Douchebags, a Norweigan travel gear maker, the Douchebag is basically a snowboard bag with wheels on the end, but it does come with a few nifty features as well. For starters, the bag is entirely soft-shelled, so you can roll it up and carry it around with ease when it’s not filled with gear. Don’t let the flexibility fool you though; the bag is outfitted with an internal three-stage rib structure on the bottom and sidewalls, making it extremely durable despite its softness.

Db_Sholder_Carrying_SystemThe Douchebag is also designed with an innovative rail and strap assembly that makes it completely adjustable, so it can accommodate skis and snowboards of practially any size. When fully extended, the bag stretches out to a whopping 6.8 feet, so it can easily handle even the biggest boards. It’s also got some extra depth to it, which means you can stuff in your boots, helmet, jackets, and other gear without much trouble. And if you can’t fit it all inside, Douchebags also sells a variety of smaller bags that can be attached to the larger one for easy transport.

The bag’s key features – its wheels – are pretty awesome too. They’re not those measly little roller-blade wheels you see on most luggage. The Douchebag boasts a pair of big, beefy rollers designed to handle rougher terrain than airport carpets and escalators. You can roll this bad boy anywhere, so whether you’re heading to Jackson Hole for some backcountry shredding or flying out to Whistler for some poutine and powder, a Douchebag could make your trip considerably easier.

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Header image via Oskar Bakke