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5 sonic stocking stuffers to improve your loved ones’ listening life

It can be tough to find simple, affordable gifts for the music nerd in your life. Whether they are interested in music or media production, or simply trying to get the best possible fidelity out of their favorite tunes, it’s tough to get them a small holiday gift that they’ll actually appreciate.

Never fear gift-givers! We’ve compiled a list of five cheap and simple gifts that should appeal to any audio nerd out there. From decent sounding in-ears for worry-free travel and workouts, to simple dongles that make life with a smartphone easier, these are the best stocking stuffers you can get for the music lover in your life.

Advanced S2000 Stage earphones — $25

These affordable and good looking in-ear headphones from Advanced were among our favorites when we tested the best headphones under $50, and remain among the best at their price point we have heard to this day. With nice braided cables, a comfortable fit, and good bass response, these are great headphones to take with you on road trip, runs, and vacations — or anywhere that you might be heartbroken to lose more expensive headphones.

Advanced S2000 Stage earphones

Chromecast Audio — $15

Chromecast Audio hero
Greg Mombert/Digital Trends

If you want to make any speaker in your house into a wireless audio hub, look no further than the Chromecast Audio. With a 3.5 mm cable that connects to the AUX jack of just about any hi-fi or powered speaker, this record-shaped dongle lets you cast your favorite music from any phone on your network. So save some money on getting your friend or loved one a full-on smart speaker, and just upgrade what they already have.

But at Google Store

Oontz Angle Bluetooth Speaker — $24

This affordable, triangle-shaped Bluetooth speaker remains among the most popular out there for good reason. With powerful sound, good battery life, and a water-resistant design, this is the kind of thing you’ll take with you everywhere without worrying about getting it a bit scuffed up.

Oontz Angle Bluetooth Speaker

Apple Lightning/USB C headphone cable adapters — $8-9

Ever since Apple decided to drop the headphone jack — and countless other smartphone manufacturers decided to follow suit — we’ve been living in a world of lightning and USB type C headphone dongles. Like the socks of the audio world, anyone with a jack-less phone is certain to appreciate a couple replacement dongles for the ones they’re likely to lose or damage in the coming year.

Apple Lightning

USB C headphone cable adapters

Stereo adapter — $10

If your friend or family member goes on frequent trips with a partner in tow, there is no better gift than this cheap little headphone adapter. Anyone who wants to watch a movie together with headphones on, or to share their favorite tunes while out and about, will thank you.

Stereo adapter

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