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Beyerdynamic promises hi-fi sound anywhere with its Amiron Home open-back headphones

Beyerdynamic announced a number of new products over the summer, but it apparently isn’t done for the year. On Wednesday, the company announced its new Amiron Home open-back headphones, and said it will be showing them at the 2016 Tokyo Headphone Festival next month.

The company says the new Amiron Home is the successor to its popular T 90 headphones, which were the first to use Beyerdynamic’s Tesla technology, which has been used in the majority of the company’s higher-end headphones since. These acoustic transducers use copper wires half as thick as a human hair and offer increased precision.

Beyerdynamic says these Tesla transducers are dampened on the rear, ensuring more balanced midrange response. For the low end, the ear pads use a new acoustically effective filling material that aims for increased bass precision. The company says the Amiron Home headphones offer the warm, open, airy sound that open-back headphones are known for, leading to an overall audio experience that Beyerdynamic describes “as intoxicating as in a live concert.”

The frequency range of the headphones is claimed to be an impressive 5 Hz to 40,000 Hz, well beyond the standard human hearing range, meaning that no detail in the music should go untranslated. The Amiron Home uses 250-ohm transducers, so even mobile devices should have no trouble driving the headphones at a sufficiently high volume.

If you’ve seen other headphones from Beyerdynamic, the Amiron Home will likely look fairly familiar, as they share a design aesthetic that is similar across many of the company’s open-back headphones. The company says the Amiron Home is handmade in Germany, with die-cast aluminum yokes and ear pads made from microfiber velour, which aims to keep the listener’s ears cool and free of sweat even during longer listening sessions.

The Beyerdynamic Amiron Home will sell for $700 and will be available beginning in November via authorized dealers. For more information, see the Beyerdynamic website.

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