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Beyerdynamic’s Aventho headphones use audiology tech for tailor-made sound

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As headphone technology continues to advance in terms of wireless capability and sheer audio quality, more and more headphone companies are turning to advanced audiology research to learn not just how to most accurately reproduce and transmit sounds, but to investigate the individual way that each human perceives audio. As it turns out, the way people hear is extremely varied. With its newly announced Aventho wireless headphones, Beyerdynamic partnered with Mimi Hearing Technologies to provide tailor-made listening profiles for each person, aiming to create a perfect audio experience for everyone.

The new headphones use a special app called Make It Yours to test each listener’s hearing profile over six minutes, using Mimi’s sound customization technology to change the playback settings of the headphones so that the overall sound profile perfectly suits your ears.

The headphones are an elegant and businesslike blend of metal, black plastic, and leather that offer hours of battery life and touch controls. In addition to custom sound signatures, they pair with an app called Sound Watching, which provides listeners with analysis about playback volume and listening duration — helping determine potential long-term issues with hearing strain before they develop.

Apart from advanced technology and playback analysis, the company’s new on-ear headphones will likely offer the same excellent sound we have heard in the Beyerdynamic’s other high-end models. The headphones feature aptX HD for high-quality wireless playback and use the AAC codec on iOS.

“The Aventho Wireless is truly a custom headphone,” Beyerdynamic’s Director of the Americas Alan Feckanin said in a press release. “Our market in the USA has been asking for this. We are thrilled to have a superior product that responds to our customers’ wants and needs. Beyerdynamic continues to provide exceptional quality products for the USA consumer.”

Aventho are not the first headphones we have seen that use advanced tech to offer personalized sound. Companies like Nura have been working on similar products, with headphones like the Nuraphone also adapting audio playback to each listener’s individual ears via a 60 second automatic process.

The headphones are currently available for order on Beyerdynamic’s website, where they retail for $530.

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