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These in-ear headphones are apparently comfortable enough to sleep in

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Acclaimed audio brand Beyerdynamic launched a new set of banded Bluetooth in-ear headphones that should appeal to budget-conscious audio enthusiasts everywhere.

Called the Soul Byrd, the new headphones, which the company will exhibit as part of its lineup during the Consumer Electronics Show in January, are a great-looking new model made of sleek aluminum. Rather than boast the popular ear-fin design we’ve seen in many banded Bluetooth in-ears (where a piece of silicone sticks up out of the earphones to secure the headphones inside each of a listeners’ ears), the Soul Byrd have interestingly angled ear tips, which look to provide the same tight seal, but with a less intrusive form factor. In fact, the company claims that the headphones are ideal for relaxing and sleeping in — leading us to believe they will be very comfortable. The company will even include five different sizes of silicone eartips, so the headphones should fit just those with ears big or small.

Beyerdynamic is known for great sound, and we expect the Soul Byrd will offer it: The company claims that they were specially designed to offer a flat, audiophile-style sound signature, which is a welcome change of pace in a Bluetooth headphone market that can lean a bit too heavily on the low end.

In terms of usability, the Soul Byrd will offer universal three-button controls that will function with both Android and iOS devices, allowing users to change volume and play or pause music without reaching for their handset.

Another cool feature that will be built int0 the headphones is the ability to access your phone’s smart assistant, making it easy to set a timer, ask for the weather, or do other tasks while leaving your phone in your pocket, backpack, or elsewhere.

Those interested in ordering the brand new Soul Byrds won’t have to wait until January’s CES conference to cop a pair: They are currently available on the company’s website for all those who are interested. And for a good deal too: The Soul Byrds retail for just $89, making them a great option if you’re looking for a sleek set of headphone on a budget.

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