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Beyerdynamic cuts the cord on premium sound with the new Xelento Wireless earphones

Premium Xelento Wireless earphones to launch at Colorado audio fest this weekend

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Beyerdynamic wants to woo audiophiles with its newly announced Xelento Wireless, a Bluetooth version of the Xelento Remote in-ear headphones.

The Xelento Wireless combines the Tesla transducer technology that enables the pristine audio quality of the wired version of the Xelento Remote with Qualcomm’s top-tier aptX HD Bluetooth transmission to create a pair of high-end wireless earphones.

Despite going cordless, the design for the Xelento wireless is remarkably similar to that of the wired version. The earbuds are connected to a Bluetooth dongle at the end of the headphone wire, which terminates at about the same spot that the earbud wires converge on the wired version. So, while you’ll still have to deal with some cables, you’ll be untethered from whatever device you’ll be listening to. The dongle houses both the Bluetooth receiver and a battery, which can be charged via micro USB for up to five and a half hours of playback time.

The most important point of comparison are the drivers. Like the Xelento Remote, the Xelento Wireless use Tesla transducers, which are made with tiny ring magnets and voice coils designed to offer the same fluid and exquisite audio that we loved in the Xelento Remote.

While it’s one thing to be equipped with high-performance drivers, wireless headphones have to contend with the obstacle of connection quality. It may seem unreliable to use Bluetooth as the transmission method, especially when these headphones are being marketed to the audiophile crowd, but Beyerdynamic is opting for the aptX HD codec (for those with aptX compatible devices), which is designed to enable 24-bit transmission at full resolution (The Xelento Wireless also supports aptX, AAC, and SBC Bluetooth). For those who want the option to listen via wired connection — or in the event your battery runs out — the Xelento wireless’ Bluetooth dongle features a 3.5mm jack to plug into.

Considering this is a pair of headphones aimed at audiophiles, the Xelento Remote carry a premium price tag. The wired Xelento Remote cost a whopping $1,000, so it’s no surprise that the Xelento wireless will be going for $1,200. Beyerdynamic is launching the headphones at the 2017 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, which takes place October 6-8 in Denver, Colorado.

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