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Brainwavz B400 high-grade earphones use 3D printing to keep costs low

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Brainwavz is a name you may have heard before, but the headphone manufacturer’s product line has been rather slim, despite maintaining a reputation for high quality and affordable headphones since starting business in 2008. However, the company recently expanded its lineup with a pair of high performance, audiophile-grade earphones, the B400.

The B400 uses four separate balanced armature drivers per side, with each driver focusing on creating specific sound ranges, with the full frequency range for the headphones being 10Hz to 40kHz. Brainwavz claims this creates “true audiophile-grade sound.”

The B400 are manufactured using liquid resin 3D printers. Brainwavz says this production method enables the earphones to be constructed with a unique shape that other manufacturing methods are incapable of producing (in fact, Brainwavz originally tried to produce the B400 using liquid injection molds, but was unsuccessful).

Connecting the earbuds to your device is a detachable MMCX cables, which come with the B400 in both 2.5mm and 3.5mm versions, so you can connect to just about everything, including smartphones, tablets, speakers, PCs, TVs, gaming controllers and portable consoles, portable music players, and telephones with 2.5mm jacks.

For all those drivers, detachable cables, and specialized production techniques, the B400 sell for a surprisingly low price — just $190 at the base price. You’ll be getting much more than just the earphones with your purchase, however. You’ll also get 2.5mm balanced and 3.5mm stereo MMCX cables with gold-plated plugs, a hard carrying case, a cleaning kit, 2 earphone sanitary wipes, six sets of silicone ear tips in varying sizes, one set of Comply T-100 foam tips, a shirt clip, and a Velcro cable tie. Brainwavz also offers a 24-month warranty on the B400. That’s a pretty sweet deal for a pair of headphones under $200 that are boasting the kind of performance Brainwavz is for the B400.

The B400 are available now on the Brainwavz online store, and includes the aforementioned accessories. You can get them in the transparent “Stay Frosty” shell color for $190, or upgrade to one of several other color options, including Blue Knight, Berry Purple, Punk Pink, Crimson Red, Stay Frosty, Green Rage, Glossy Black, and Cosmic Black, for $30 more. You can also further upgrade your purchase with extra 2.5mm or 3.5mm cables in Candy Cane, Frosty, and Onyx color options, at prices between $15 and $30 each, or in pairs for $55.

If you’re curious what other in-ear headphone options are out there, check out our picks for the best headphones you can buy.

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