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Tired of your superyacht’s tiny TV? Enter the crazy, 200-inch C Seed Supermarine

When you’re obscenely wealthy, it can be quite maddening (we imagine) to stroll along the deck of your superyacht and catch a glimpse at the regular-size TV screens mounted on its mahogany walls. Who do those TVs think they are, being so small and dim?! Luckily, there’s a solution: The C Seed Supermarine, a rather unique television (the product of a collaboration between luxury tech manufacturer C Seed and the Porsche Design Studio) which actually folds out of the deck of today’s mondo sea vessels.

C Seed is calling the Supermarine, which comes in 144-inch and 201-inch models, “the first real superyacht TV” — we were hoping this meant it was a superyacht that transforms into a TV, Optimus Prime-style, but alas, it’s just a TV.

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Jokes aside, it is an absurdly cool TV, boasting a luminosity of a claimed 4,500 nits — that’s leaps and bounds above the brightest HDR televisions available on the market today —  and 48-bit color depth. And while you may not be able to find content to fill out these specs, these factors should still make the Supermarine the best gigantic television ever made for viewing in the blazing sunlight on the open sea. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, too.

Crafted largely from marine-grade aluminum and steel, the TV resides in a shallow compartment built into the deck when not in use, and rises silently out of its enclosure before unfolding — a process that takes just one minute. You can rotate the TV up to 180 degrees in either direction using the remote control, and as you might expect, the TV is 4K-capable.

It’s also got two built-in broadband speakers and a subwoofer, but in case that’s not good enough, why not go ahead and splurge on the C Seed Supermarine Speakers?

Like the TV, they’re designed to live underneath the deck until you need them, at which point they rise up like some sort of crazy ballistic missile system (maybe we watch too much Batman), at the ready for your cinematic excursions or your opulent, hip hop-inspired deck parties.

Each speaker projects audio in a 110-degree beam angle, so with two, you’ll have near full deck coverage. The speakers support full range coverage from 2.0 stereo to 9.1 surround sound, and each unit can reach up to 125 dB which, if you’re wondering, rises far above airplane-takeoff levels.

If you actually do own a superyacht and want to procure this system for your next voyage, you’ll want to contact C Seed directly via the company’s website. For more details on both the TV and speakers, check out the brochure.

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