Channel Master’s OTA DVR+ now available with 1TB internal hard drive

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If you’re thinking about ditching your cable or satellite company in favor of a blend of streaming video services like Netflix and free over-the-air (OTA) broadcast television, then an OTA DVR that lets you record all that free TV may be a tool you should look into. There are several solutions out there now, but none of them are quite as simple, straightforward and sleek as Channel Master’s DVR+. In our review of the DVR+, we noted that we’d like to have seen an option that came with built-in storage, especially since adding an external hard drive took away from the DVR’s otherwise super-slim profile. That option is now a reality, as Channel Master has announced it now offers its DVR+ with an optional 1TB hard drive built right in.

The new model tacks on a $150 premium over the version launched earlier this year, bringing the total to $400. While that might seem like a hefty up-charge (with external 1TB drives costing closer to $70), consider the fact that the addition of the storage didn’t change the DVR’s form factor at all – it’s still the same super-slim box it was before, which no clunky hardware to add.

With 1TB of storage on board, the dual-tuner DVR+ should be able hold up to 160 hours of HD programming. Otherwise, nothing about the original DVR+ design has been changed here. It still comes with a free program guide (no monthly fee), no built-in Wi-Fi (a $40 USB adapter is available) and access to video-on-demand apps is restricted to VUDU for now.

Channel Master says it does intend to expand app selection soon, and has other surprises in store for later this year. You can pick up the new version of the DVR+ at Channel Master’s website and at Best Buy.