Cisco Looking Flip Out Over Pure Digital?

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Although neither comment has publicly commented, industry reports have giant Internet gear and router maker Cisco lookin to acquire Flip camcorder maker Pure Digital. If the deal does through, the move would mark Cisco’s first serious venture into consumer electronics;the company manufacturers home routers and other devices under its also-acquired LinkSys brand and set-top boxes through acquiree Scientific Atlanta.

Some reports put the potential value of the deal naer $500 million, although other industry insiders are skeptical of that figure.

Pure Digital launched its flagship Flip product line in May 2007 with a YouTube-friendly consumer camcorder; the company has since branched out into high-definition cameras with the Flip MinoHD and sold it’s millionth camera in late 2008. Cisco may see high-definition home video as a key medium for its broadband networking technologies.