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Denon unveils its first ever sound bar, just in time for your holiday hibernation

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With flat screens getting ever flatter, and the speakers within getting increasingly skimpy, it seems like just about everyone is capitalizing on that weakness by getting into the sound bar business. But when a company with likes of Denon’s heritage throws its hat in the ring, it usually pays to take notice. Denon has unveiled its first entry into the exploding segment, the DHT-S514.

Pitched by Denon as a hi-fi sound solution, the DHT-S514 has a relatively modest price tag for an upper tier compact home theater component, starting at $600. The new bar is loaded with a host of ways to play, including HDMI with audio return channel (ARC), optical and coax digital inputs, RCA and 3.5mm analog inputs, and Bluetooth with aptX for CD-quality streaming. Other features include an IR repeater so the bar won’t interfere with your TV remote, a suite of DSP effects including virtual surround sound, and DTS and Dolby decoding.

Behind the curtain, the bar boasts dual 2-inch x 5-inch “hyperbolic high-rigidity” drivers, complemented by a pair of ½-inch dome tweeters. The accompanying wireless subwoofer takes a dual-driver approach to reach the deep note, utilizing a pair of 5 1/4-inch drivers working in tandem. The sub can also get acrobatic, allowing you to place it vertically or horizontally to keep it out of sight. Denon powers its new system with a digital amplifier pushing 175 watts of total power.

We haven’t gotten a chance to hear what Denon’s newest baby sounds like, but we’ll likely be getting our hands on one soon, so keep an eye out. The new DHT-S514 sound bar is available today.

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