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Netflix is getting ‘Dexter’ and ruining our Halloween plans


Those lamenting the loss of America’s favorite serial killer killer (no, that’s not redundant) can rejoice today, as Netflix announced Dexter will make its triumphant return to the red halls for your violent viewing pleasure, just in time for Halloween.

The announcement is just the latest coup for Netflix, which is fresh off a streaming service-first Emmy for its original series House of Cards, as well as garnering lavish praise for originals such as Orange is the New Black, and posting a record number of U.S. subscribers recently, besting the mighty HBO with over 31 million users.

Possibly to stop its viewers from binge watching into Thanksgiving, Netflix will reportedly release Dexter in phases, providing the first four seasons available for streaming this Halloween, and saving the final four to be released at the start of the new year. Some may recall the series was previously part of the Netflix collection until 2011, when a renegotiation of Netflix’s contract with CBS provided an exodus of content, including another popular CBS owned series, Californication.

While the much discussed recent series finale left some viewers dissatisfied, the move back to Netflix may usher in a whole new audience that missed the show on its first go-around, as well as bringing back avid fans for a second take. So, if you’ve lost touch with the most personable sociopath on TV, now’s your chance to get reacquainted. 

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