DirecTV to add voice control to iOS and Android apps

 DirecTV-image scaledDirecTV has announced that both its iOS and Android phone apps will receive updates this summer that will add voice search capabilities, with tablet apps to follow sometime thereafter.

The new feature will allow users to search for programs by person, title, channel, show time or genre through spoken command. DirecTV developed its own search algorithm for this, and will include a series of set commands, which implies that the command options will likely be fairly limited to start.

The app will also have options for changing channels and accessing menus through voice. When used within the home network, the app can push search results to the TV and accept voice commands made to the phone, while you can also use it as a remote. Say a channel name or number, and it will switch to it. You can look for sporting events or shows based on specific names. Voice commands won’t work when it comes to applying settings in the menu.

Away from home, the app will offer remote access to set up DVR recordings for shows or movies. No word on whether there will be other features meant for accessing content remotely.

A beta test will roll out to subscribers first before DirecTV ultimately releases the app publicly, but there’s no confirmed timeline on when that will happen.

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