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European customers can save 10 euros on Disney+ if they pre-order now

Disney’s streaming service, Disney+, launched last year in countries including the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand. But customers in other European countries have had to wait for the service to launch in their areas. The service will be expanding to the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain on March 31, 2020, and now Disney is offering 10 euros or 10 British pounds off the price of a yearly subscription for users in these countries who pre-order now.

One the Disney+ website, there’s currently an offer to get a year of the service for a total of €59.99 in Euro-zone countries or £49.99 in the UK, which works out to around €5 or £4 per month. Previous pricing was £5.99 or €6.99 per month. Users who sign up before March 23, 2020, will be able to grab this discount.

Even though the launch of the service in Europe is now only one month away, Disney has yet to reveal exactly what shows and movies will be available to stream once it goes live. An open question is whether The Simpsons will be available on the platform. And it’s also not known whether what is sure to be one of the service’s most popular draws, the Star Wars spin-off The Mandalorian, will be released all at once, as is typical for streaming services like Netflix, or will be released on a weekly schedule.

Either way, Disney shouldn’t wait too long before making popular shows like The Mandalorian available in international markets. It has become one of the most pirated shows in history, which is somewhat unsurprising when you consider the popularity of the Star Wars franchise and the fact that it was impossible to legally watch the show in many countries.

The news of the discount comes after Disney announced it would launch Disney+ in European countries a week earlier than expected. Originally, the launch date was set for March 31, but the company decided to move this date up to March 24.

As well as shows like The Mandalorian, the service will be the exclusive streaming home for movies in Disney’s massive franchises like Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, Frozen 2, and Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. It’ll also host upcoming Marvel TV shows like The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki.

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