Divoom’s Voombox Outdoor Bluetooth speaker is ribbed for its own protection

divooms voombox outdoor armored ready divoom edit

In today’s crowded portable speaker market, it’s not enough to simply provide solid performance and wireless streaming. A new suitor in this buyer’s market has to offer a little something extra if it wants to make a splash. Divoom’s new Voombox Outdoor is equipped with the goods to allow you to do just that – literally.

Following the growing trend of Bluetooth speakers that can tag along just about anywhere, the Voombox Outdoor is armored in a sleek casing of ribbed plastic that is both dust and water resistant. At the center of that rugged exterior rests a solid selection of features including Bluetooth 4.0, a rechargeable battery with a 12 hour runtime, an onboard speakerphone, and a stout little 5-driver sound system pushed by a relatively hefty 15 watts of power.

The Voombox Outdoor comes in a variety of colors, including red, blue, black, and green, and also offers a hand strap to string it up for a hands free soundtrack to your outdoor adventures. Best of all, the speaker has an attractive entry-level price tag of $100.

While there are plenty of options to choose from out there, the Voombox Outdoor makes an enticing plea, offering the right features at the right price. You can get your hands on Divoom’s latest speaker starting today.

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