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Divoom’s Voombox Travel is a Bluetooth speaker you’ll actually clip to your backpack

divooms voombox travel bluetooth speaker youll actually clip backpack divoom

The best thing that ever happened to the Carabiner is the Bluetooth speaker (with headphone cases coming in a very close second). Manufacturers must love envisioning the folks who buy their portable speakers strapping stuff to their belt buckles and backpacks, because we’re always finding carabiners included with the review units that come in.

The sad truth, though, is that most of the stuff these clips come with are far to bulky, heavy, or otherwise unwieldy to want to actually strap to something we have to lug around – lugging stuff is a chore enough as it is. But Divoom’s Voombox Travel Bluetooth speaker is one of those rare exceptions where we would clip it to our backpack in a heartbeat. Lightweight, colorful, and splashproof, the Voombox Travel looks like it can hang in with you wherever you’ve got to go, and provide a soundtrack to go with your activities. 

The Voombox Travel is a 3-inch disc that will fit in the palm of your hand. A 2-inch active driver and 2-inch passive radiator take up a good chunk of that small space, with the rest reserved for the speaker’s amplifier and Bluetooth 4.0 chip. Given the passive radiator and Divoom’s unusually loud compact speaker offerings in the past, we’re willing to bet the Travel is going to put out some considerably sound for its size, though we’ll stop short of endorsing it’s sound quality until we’ve had a good listen for ourselves. 

Should a call come in while you’re white-water rafting, biking a trail or just walking to work or school, a built-in speakerphone will let you answer, then get right back to the music when you’re done. 

The Voombox Travel has a rugged exterior said to resist water and dust, making it suitable for all sorts of outdoor adventures. And because its so light, it won’t weigh down your pack. You can get the little speaker in one of four colors: red, blue, black and green. To get one, you’ll need to plunk down $50 at Divoom’s website (available soon), though we’re sure to see them at Amazon and other retailers soon. 

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