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FuboTV drops its cheapest plan, now starts at $70 a month

FuboTV has quietly dropped its least-expensive tier, making the $70-a-month “Pro” plan the starting point for the streaming service. That’ll get you 110 channels, including your local broadcast affiliates, and the price is right in line with Hulu With Live TV, which has around four times as many subscribers as Fubo. YouTube TV, believed to be the second-largest live streaming service in the United States with 3 million subscribers as of October 2020 (the last time it gave updated numbers), remains at $65 a month.

The Pro plan also gets you 1,000 hours of cloud-based recording, and the ability to watch on up to 10 devices at once on your home network.

FuboTV interface on a TV.
Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

The Elite package is still in play and will get you 162 channels total, with the same cloud-based recording and simultaneous screens. The additional channels include nine in the “News Plus” section, and 43 that are part of the “Fubo Extra” package.

FuboTV in February announced that ended 2021 with 1.13 million subscribers, up 106% for the year. The company is expecting to end 2022 with around 1.5 million subscribers.

Along with YouTube TV, FuboTV is one of the only ways to watch the occasional live event in 4K resolution. Unlike YouTube TV, which charges extra for 4K support, FuboTV throws it in for free.

FuboTV is available on every major streaming platform, including Roku and Amazon Fire TV, which cover the top platforms both in the U.S. It’s also available on Apple TV, Android TV, Google TV, various smart TV systems, and in a web browser.

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